"If you’re alright, say something"
Pulp Fiction (1994)
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ob-liv-ionstorm: “my fan fashion friday…terrible quality im so sorry “
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Drug Game

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totally not sober.
    'I still believe in love, I just no longer believe in loving you.'
    鈥 Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 24 (via venula)
    'Its hard to love once you鈥檝e been broken by someone you thought would love you forever
    Love can be the greatest or the worst thing of your life
    That鈥檚 just how love is
    鈥 A beautiful mind (via tobealoneismygreatestwishandfear)

Glow x
    'Well it smells of cheap wine & cigarettes
    This place is always such a mess
    Sometimes I think I鈥檇 like to watch it burn鈥
    鈥 The Wallflowers, One Headlight (via introspectivepoet)